Ever applied for a credit card, mortgage or car loan?

Ever wondered why the bank said yes or no when you applied?

  • Clue: It ain’t because of that cheeky smile you gave to your computer screen when you applied.

    Two words: Credit Score

    Here’s a list of your most valuable assets:

    1. 1. Your wallet
    2. 2. Your phone
    3. 3. Your credit score

    But get this: 70% of Aussies don’t even know what a credit score is?

So what is a credit score?

Credit score monitoring - illustration (Hubspot



It’s a number between 0 - 1200 that represents your 'financial history'.

When you apply for a loan, the bank uses your credit score as a way to work out how “risky” you are as a borrower, and then decides if it’s a yay or nay.

But wait, there’s more: Even after you’re approved for a loan, your credit score can still impact the amount you can borrow (for other loans and cards) and the interest rate you pay (AKA how much you have to repay each month).

Let's break this down like Shakira and JLO at the Super Bowl

You have an Uber rating of 4.9 (noice!). We all know that your Uber rating is based on your previous behaviour while travelling in Ubers.
When you misbehave in the Uber, this can affect your rating. And if your rating is low, it means that other Uber drivers may not pick you up.
Like an Uber rating, your credit score looks at how good you are at repaying your loans and credit cards



Of course, it’s a little more complex than this because your credit score also includes other info like the how long you’ve been using loans or credit cards, and how many of these you have… but you get the gist.

Why have I never known about this?

Well the reason is.....
The companies that work out your credit score (AKA: credit bureaus) use hidden algorithms (as secretive as KFC’s 11 herbs and spices) and then sell your information to banks and lenders.
It’s like if Uber was to share your Uber rating with drivers, but not with you!

Flux to the rescue


  • Your credit score should be accessible and transparent.
  • You deserve to know what is impacting your credit score.
  • You also deserve to know how to improve your score.

So what are you waiting for? Check out your free credit score with Flux

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