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This all started by accident

We were supposed to start a lending company but stumbled upon a giant problem in Australia.

Banks are good selling us credit cards, mortgages and personal loans.

But they're not good at providing us with education about money and how it all works.

The whole thing just feels complicated and intimidating

1 in 2 Aussies are 'financially illiterate'

That’s just not good enough. To be part of the financial system (which we all are), we need to understand money. 

All your info at your fingertips

After all, we all deserve to feel good, if not fabulous, about our finances.


And sadly, the current alternatives are from the dark ages.


So, Flux puts all of your financial information at your fingertips – for free – and provides you with tools and education to make meaningful progress.

We're a young startup working hard to put you on an even playing field

No financial gaslighting

No upselling with an oily 'would you like fries with that'?

And no fees for dead people

We don't even charge fees for people who are alive

The big banks have been taking advantage of us for way too long

To be honest, we don't really like the big banks

And they don't like us

Actually, that's just a guess.

They probably don't care who we are

We're on a mission to make money as convenient and relatable as possible

We also want to help you learn in an enjoyable way.

So jump on board the F-train and let's make it happen.