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© 2019 Flux Technologies

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Incentivising financial literacy and creditworthiness for young professionals

Flux's mission is to build a world of financial literate and confident people. It sounds boring but its actually really important!

We believe that building an ecosystem of products, tools and entertaining content that incentivise positive financial behaviour is the key to enhancing the creditworthiness and financial literacy of all Australians (particularly young professionals).



Financial literacy is at an all-time low.

How bad..?

  • 48% of Australians are considered to be financially illiterate

  • 66% of Australians don't know their credit score

  • Low financial literacy can lead to disempowerment, homelessness, financial stress

  • 1 in 2 of Australians live in day to day financial stress

So let's make accessing financial tools easier

Sure, there is stuff out there...

  • Long blogs explaining the Net Present Value of your loan repayments

  • Videos created by finance lecturers

  • Companies that charge you to access your own credit file and financial insights 

We are dedicated to the:

  • Avo-eating

  • Insta-swiping

  • Tinder-swiping

  • Love-Island-watching

  • Time-poor

  • Experience-seeking

young professionals of Australia

Introducing Flux

Credit score monitoring. Killer financial insights. Videos people like. All free!

  • You use what you need

  • Educate yourself on finance, in bite-size pieces

  • Speaking your language - not the language that bankers don't want you to understand