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Make Australia's leading platform for financial
education your newest employee benefit

Did you know?



Employees say finances are
their #1 source of stress

Financially stressed employees are
2.2x more likely to leave a company

Enter: Flux

Give your employees access to premium app content, virtual and IRL events, plus fun competitions brought to you by the Flux team.

Flux customers

Employee productivity

Flux helps to reduce financial stress, which is a key cause of employee absenteeism, distraction, and switching employers.

Employee engagement

Flux Academy enables employees to go on a financial education journey that's fun, engaging, and transformative.

Learn (and compete!)

Members progress through courses on topics like investing, tax, and property, complete with quizzes, and vie for top spots on the Flux Academy leaderboard... with a few cheeky prizes to be unlocked along the way.

Monitor engagement with a customised monthly dashboard

Track how often employees are using Academy, find out about trending topics, and other helpful stats.
Research-based approach to financial education and empowerment
Flux knows that knowledge alone isn't enough. That's why Flux Academy brings other aspects of financial decision-
making into the fold, like habit formation, role model theory, self-awareness, and impulse regulation.
Flux members reported feeling more confident about their money
Flux members say they feel less financially stressed
Loved Flux so much they invited a friend or family member

Give employees premium access to our
app and financial wellbeing program

Get in touch to learn how Flux can boost the financial wellbeing of your team
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