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February 21, 2024

4 easy money tips to get 2021 off to a belter

Here are some easy tips to get 2021 off on the right track

What's the key learning?

  • Create a budget to keep track of all your spending
  • Set a savings goal for each pay day and multiple savings accounts
  • Pay off as much debt as you can
  • Make sure to research the best financial product to suit your needs


2020 goes down in the record books as a complete sham.

We didn’t expect to binge 224 hours of Netflix (but TYVM for entertaining us, Queen’s Gambit). And we didn’t plan for 2020’s phrase of the year to be “you’re on mute” (but TYVM... Zoom 🙄).

But for many young Aussies, 2020’s financial goals also went flying out the window ‘due to the pandemic’. Fair enough - it was a rough year.

But as the Bible says: ‘New year, new me’ (or something along those lines?). So let’s slam the door on 2020, lock it and throw the key deep into the ocean.

So, if you’re keen to get back on financial-track for 2021 - we’re going to spill the beans on our top four money tips for the new year.

Set a budget

Although budgeting can be painful (even more painful than CLEANING), it will help you keep track of everything you’re spending... and most importantly, highlight areas to cut down on (lookin’ at you Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Dog clothing subscription box and new suitcase we’ll never be able to use).

A budget will also help you identify how much you can afford to put into savings or investments each week.

At the end of the day, there is one simple rule - spend less than you earn... and invest/save the rest - erry month. Rinse and repeat.

$ave dat money

It’s time to shift the psyche. Rather than splurge on payday, set a savings goal for each payday. 

We recommend creating multiple savings accounts, each with unique names (it helps you feel attached to it). 

That might be a “Paris holiday” account (I’ll get to you one day...), “Home reno” account or “Stashing-cash” account.

Another great way to stay continually motivated by savings goals is through Win the Week, a new weekly savings game. 

Saving money can be hard (and boring..and hard again), so Win the Week gives you the chance to win cash prizes - just for saving.

All you need to do is deposit $25 into your Savings account each week, which automatically gives you the chance to win 3 x $100 cash prizes. And if you guess the 7 digit code correctly, you could also walk away with up to $250,000. Wait whaaaa? We know - it sounds ridiculous, but we’ve partnered with a insurer to cough up the dollarydoos.

Pay off debt

If you have money left over after your regular expenses, make extra repayments towards any credit card debt or other loans.

The faster you pay off high interest debts, the sooner you can start saving and investing to create long-term wealth. Here’s a hot tip: pay off the loan with the highest interest rate first.

Shop around

Before you sign up for a financial product (like a buy now pay later provider or credit card), make sure you’ve done your research. And make sure you know the right product for you

For example, are you looking for a credit card with a heap of reward points or a low interest rate? (ps. you can’t have both).

Similarly, when it's time to renew your insurance, phone bill or electricity, compare with other providers online. 

When you stay with your existing provider, you’ll most likely pay a ‘loyalty’ tax. In other words, sometimes the longer you stay, the more you pay.

So what are you waiting for? Your bank balance ain’t gonna know what hit it! Go get ‘em tiger.

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