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February 21, 2024

4 money tips to protect your money while globe-trotting

You're living your best Summer life travelling across the world, so the last thing you want to worry about is losing your money.

What's the key learning?

  • Don't keep all of your money on you, you want to be wary of pickpockets and careless accidents.
  • Be discrete and low-key with your money, don't make things easier for pickpockets.
  • Remember to inform your bank when you're travelling overseas.
  • Make sure to have an emergency plan incase things go off plan.

Imagine this: you're chilling on the beach in Barcelona, sipping on a fruity sangria, with the sun setting over the city. At this moment, with your new love Alejandro, life feels like a dream, right? 

So when you're having the time of your life abroad, the last thing you want is money worries to crash the party. 

So Flux Fam, we’ve researched (and travelled) far and wide to give you the four hot tips to keep your cash safe and sound while you're out there globetrotting.

  1. Don’t keep all your cash on you

You wouldn't put all your eggs in one basket, right? So why stash all your cash in one pocket? 

As incredible as visiting a new country can be, there are unfortunately some people that prey on vulnerable tourists who are livin’ their best life.

If you’re carrying cash with you while travelling, don’t keep all of it in one place. This way, if you lose some or it gets stolen (touch wood), it's not game over for your holiday.

Have a wallet or money pouch where you keep a couple of days worth of spending, and the rest locked away in your luggage or somewhere else (like your hotel/hostel room's secure locker).

  1. Be a lil discrete with your cash

Flashing a wad of cash at the beach-side bar is like inviting seagulls to your chips. Keep it low-key Flux fam.

You don’t want to make the job of pickpockets easy by having your whole holiday found in plain sight.

Me at the bar trying to work out what currency this is

So here are a few hot tips (without sounding like your parents):

  • Keep your cash in a secure bag (with a zip and even a clip). Loose change in your pockets is easy-peasy for pickpockets
  • Don’t leave your wallet or bags lying around on restaurant tables or on benches - keep it on the table
  • Try to avoid packed trains or venues where your bag is pressed up against other people. Or, hold the bags securely in front of you so they’re in your sight.
Yes, Dad!
  1. Don’t forget to tell your bank

You've told your mum, your mates, and your whole social media feed that you're going on a trip - but what about your bank?

This is especially important if you’ll be using a card to spend or withdraw cash overseas.

If your bank senses an overseas transactions with no warning, they might freeze your account, assuming it’s some fraudulent activity (talk about a party pooper!).

A quick call or message to your bank before leaving will keep the good times rolling.

  1. Have an emergency plan

Even with the best-laid plans, things can go sideways

In the worst case scenario, you lose your cash, travel cards and sangria all over your passport (the triple-whammy), you’ll need to know the important steps to take next.

First up, call up your bank ASAP. Tell them what’s happened so they can cancel or block your card immediately before it’s used fraudulently.

Then call up your travel insurance provider. You might need to make a claim and they can help you get some emergency funds.

Finally, holler at your friends and family back home who may be able to send you some urgent funds though a bank transfer or money transfer service.

Being prepared means you can bounce back quickly and get back to the fun part!

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