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May 19, 2022

Wesfarmers has launched OnePass so you can get a membership for Kmart, Catch and Target under... one pass

The retail conglomerate is aiming to streamline the subscription experience.

What's the key learning?

  • Retailers are turning to subscription memberships to foster customer loyalty.
  • They're following the successful Amazon Prime blueprint.

👉 Background: Wesfarmers is a $56 billion conglomerate and owner of Kmart, Bunnings, Officeworks and Target. In 2019, Wesfarmers also acquired online marketplace

👉 What happened: When Catch joined Wesfarmers, Kmart and Target became part of its Club Catch subscription program... which seemed kind of strange. Now, Wesfarmers has repositioned this loyalty program as OnePass.

👉 What else: The idea is that eventually ol' Wessie will add more partners to the program as the fight for consumer loyalty (and consumer dollars) heats up.

🔔What's the key learning?

💡 Retailers are continually turning to subscription programs as a way to drive customer retention. Or as we like to call it, Operation Copy Amazon™️.

💡 Amazon paved the way with Amazon Prime, which has 157 million members in the US, or almost HALF of the whole population 😱. Since Prime's success, the rest have followed... There's Uber Pass, ASOS Premier Delivery, and more.

💡Now Wesfarmers is opening the door to include all its brands under one umbrella, so they can deliver more value to households all for the one subscription price!

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