Business news but not as you know it


  • The Flux team were chatting...
  • We had struggled to find Australian and global business news that appealed to us and our time poor, fast-paced generation

That's when it hit us

We could create this podcast!
The whole thing just feels complicated and intimidating
So we brushed off the cobwebs

We created a business news podcast that we would ACTUALLY listen to


What the Flux is a bite sized business news podcast.

3 business stories

5 minutes             


It's short enough that it doesn't feel like a commitment

With enough content that you actually feel in the know

*Weekends excluded (we need to live a little!)

Okay I'm sold. But when should I listen to it?


Ummmm.... all the time?!

On your way into the office

While you're at the gym

While you're smashing your morning coffee

And where can I listen?


We're glad you asked

Pretty much on all good podcaster providers

apple podcast  spotify podcast listen_on_iheartradio_badge google podcast

Thanks for listening and we'll see you tomorrow!